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Rendering Domotica, thanks to the professionalism and the technologies employed , is a reference point for all operators in the sector (Technical Studios, Construction Companies and Real Estate) and for each need of private individuals or other businesses.

The services that Rendering Domotica offers its customers is supervised by experienced technicians and is developed using the latest software. Viewing a 3D graphics means to give a soul to the image, allowing you to interact with the appearance of the interior architecture and furnishings, making an idea alive and real.

About Us

Technology from the passion for life

The synergy of the most enterprising young professionals gives birth to Rendering Domotica, which has distinguished itself in the Italian scene for his versatility, focusing on niche and professional sectors. Maintaining its guideline and identity, living in the "hi-tech", Rendering Domotica is constantly evolving and updating, projected on the international scene.

3D render

The thin threshold between the real and photorealistic is blurring so much that it's becoming hard to distinguish the differences in the images. The full satisfaction and loyalty of our customers is the main goal Rendering Domotica has, through service excellence that is able to offer.

3D graphic

Rendering, or the creation of a three-dimensional, photo-realistic and utterly faithful to the original project. A fast and effective way for the customer to appreciate the final result before the actual implementation.


Services for Advanced 3D Animation and Entertainment Graphics. Our studio offers professional 3D graphics solutions for the graphic of your projects.


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Render is our passion

It takes months, sometimes years, before being able to see a project realized in reality. Whether it's a terraced house, a proposal for interior design or a new object of common use, like a mobile phone, the wait is always unnerving. One is never sure of the final outcome, if the customer will enjoy the result. We often find problems only when it is too late or too expensive to intervene.

There is a way to avoid unpleasant surprises: rendering: the creation of a three-dimensional, photo-realistic image, utterly faithful to the original project. A fast and effective way for the customer to appreciate the final result before the actual implementation.

How can it help me a rendering service?

Imagine designing a new line of kitchens for a major manufacturer. After weeks of intense work, you've finally finished the project. You are very happy with the result. The product manager, however, is not very convinced: he can not "see" the finished product from one project. He doubts that the market will respond well to the new design you have created. What can you do to convince him? The CAD is not enough. You must allow the manager to figure out the kitchen in a real environment, in an apartment or in a house.

Render allows you just that! It offers a three-dimensional, photo-realistic image, faithful to reality 100%. As if the furniture had been shaped, polished and installed in the kitchen of a house.

Thanks to render, you can also:
Reduce costs and obtain high-quality promotional material. Making even a few shots for a catalog or brochure can cost thousands of Euros, especially for products still in the prototype stage. With rendering you will not have to hire a photographer, but you can make the shots you want from all possible points of view, to a considerably lower cost.

Reduce business risk by testing a product on the market prior to its effective implementation. For example, using focus groups of potential customers you can refer to a brochure with photorealistic renderings. Analyzing their comments can intervene and modify the project before realizing the prototype.

To demonstrate the functionality of equipment using photo-realistic animation. Abstraction is one of the most difficult mental activities. Providing video support to explain the operation of a machine is one of the simplest and most effective ways to show the potential customer even very complex projects (eg, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc..).

Why should i use your rendering service?

3 reasons


While a render that uses low quality (those where it is clearly distinct from the actual 3D part) is very limited, you can use images created with photorealistic rendering to sell your product even before it is built. In some cases, you can even skip the prototype stage, with an obvious saving of time and money.


You can contact us at any time by phone or email to discuss any improvements you want to introduce in the project.

Technological skills

In recent years we have produced hundreds of projects in collaboration with leading rendering software companies in the industry 3D modeling (Autodesk, MAXON, Blender, Glare, ...) and the creators of the best rendering engine on the market (V-Ray, Mental Ray, Maya, Bryce, RenderMan, POV-Ray, Brazil r / s, Indigo, ...). Thanks to our experience we can complete even the most complex projects efficiently and accurately.


How much, how long does it take?

Each project is a unique rendering. Beginning with the creation of three-dimensional model, the mapping of materials and ending with the animation, there is no project alike. For this there is no standard price list. The best way to learn about the investment and time needed for the realization is contact us and describe your project.

How does it work?

The service rendered is very simple. Fill out the form on the contact page and send us your information, along with a brief description of your project. You will be contacted by one of our consultants for further details and will soon receive an offer customized to create your render.


The ideal solution for your SMS advertising

CLEAR: clarity and professionalism

SMS messages are delivered with a personalized sender (example: Adidas, McDonald's ...), with a clear and effective message.

We have complete and differentiated database.

The user - when it receives the SMS - can:

A: call the phone number
B: reply to the message (the response will be forwarded to the customer)
C: visit a web page through a short link

EFFECTIVE: no dispersion.

Send the right message at the right time and especially at the right target, wherever it is.

You can choose geographical area, gender, age and interests.

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Plan your advertising campaign through SMS.

You'll get the maximum results with minimum financial effort. We have a deliver and opening rate close to 100%.

Service for advanced 3D graphics

Our firm offers professional 3D graphics solutions for the graphic of your projects.

Meet the team

Our strength: our staff

Leandro Tinti

CEO - Founder - Sales Manager

Leandro is an entrepreneur at heart who loves nothing more than a good challenge to solve. He is also a data geek so you'll often find him up to his eyeballs in excel spreadsheets. When not working you'll often find Leandro reading a good book or playing games with friends.

James E. Mahler

Architect - Designer

A developer by trade, he spends his free time with his growing family and vows one day to master the drums.

Christopher S. Drost


Christopher grew up somewhere and since then things have happened. Some of those things involved him. Most did not.

Hubert Bates


Besides being Microsoft's biggest fanboy, Hubert spends his time playing pinball and riding bikes. He's probably listening to music that you outgrew after high school.

Rendering Agency Milan

Rendering Domotica is now in the reality of Milan.
After years of practice and various projects carried out, after having established ourselves in the Italian scene, we finally decided to have an office in Lombardy entering into the reality of Milan.
Customers can benefit from Rendering Domotica even in Milan.
Via Bligny 52, Milan 20136
+39 02 954 205 342

What they say

What our customers say.

  • We commissioned to Rendering Domotica the creation of an image to a major new product. We were very happy with the result: the image was in line with expectations and the briefing we had done. The work was carried out with precision and professionalism. We will make use of Rendering Domotica services in the future.


  • This is to congratulate you for the work done on behalf of my engineering study on the rendering of the project feasibility of alternative road for Camaiore. Excellent work done pursuant to the parameters established and delivered on time fixed.

    Studio Chini - Chini Management s.r.l - Ing. Gianmarco Chini

  • I was fine.. abroad believe they are above the level of technology. We have shown that over the artistic point of view of good taste are also good technically. The customer was very happy because he could see his project as completed with the wonderful render RenderingDomotica products; the images have been successfully used for the sale of the apartments. With those render was made a sales brochure that did dream buyers.

    Studio Architetto Viviani Stefano

  • Why RenderingDomotica?
    Sure for the expertise and the dedication in the approach to the project. The extreme flexibility in relation to the Customer needs and the excellent quality ensured within a reasonable timing.


  • Serious company and very professional, we enjoyed it very good quality of their projects.

    St Scale Srl

  • I thank this esteemed company for working with great professionalism and punctuality on the rendering of the design of the Konopizza locale of Beirut, which was drawn by myself. The rendering has effectively created photorealistic images of the room, allowing an assessment of project performance.

    Architect Giorgio Campagnucci - Imagina Screen

  • We contacted Rendering Domotica to define some issues related to our project in the construction industry. We are very pleased with the professionalism demonstrated by their advice and we appreciated the willingness to propose alternative solutions to those initially hypothesized. The services of Rendering Domotica are competitively priced and offer a greater visual impact, and application of high technological profile.

    Daniela Simonini - Entrepreneur - Blu Service Sas

  • The work of rendering was carried out with professionalism. We appreciated the availability of operators and the competence they demonstrated. We especially appreciated the photo retouching, which was executed very quickly.

    Andrea Ferro - Engineer - Ferro Studio director

  • Even without having the chance of giving a glance to the location, using 2D blueprints and phone meetings, they managed to realize every rendering of our project, the Tropicana. The results were high level. We wouldn't have realized our project without their help. Excellent company.

    Gaetano Ambrosio - Tropicana Disco, Milan

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